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Mary's Walk: Local Mother Leads by Example

“Ellianna! Evelyn! Conrad! Come over here so we can get our photo taken together!”

Kristen Willett and her family had just reached the end of Mary’s Walk, and her children were celebrating at the finish line by running around in circles and falling down in fits of laughter.

Approaching their mother, they positioned themselves perfectly around her without guided direction.

“I’m running for the Miss Maine pageant this year, so they know the drill with photos,” Kristen laughed. 

“They must like your leg warmers,” Conrad teased, as Elianna and Evelyn reached down in unison to run their tiny fingers through the rainbow landscape of their mother’s attire.

“They are pretty cool, huh?” Kristen said playfully. Pulling her kids close, she smiled at each of them before saying, “Okay, time to smile!”

After a few photographs, the children could have chosen to go back to playing, but instead stayed close as their mother described what Mary's Walk meant to her.

“We have family members who are impacted by cancer, and attending this event is a great way to show support and raise awareness,” she said. “I want to lead by example so my children know that no matter how hard life gets, it’s important to never give up and to always show up for the causes you believe in.”