Del Lank Recounts His Journey to Owning a 1958 Plymouth Fury

“15 years ago, I made a bold and impulsive decision with my money. Instead of the usual savings account, I thought, "Why not splurge on something really cool?" And that’s how I became the proud owner of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.

I was so excited about it, and couldn’t wait to show my wife. When I got home though, she was absolutely mortified. I mean, she was scared to death. You see, this particular make and model had gained notoriety thanks to the Maine author Stephen King in his horror masterpiece, "Christine" (1983).

For those who don’t know, the story revolves around a man who becomes strangely obsessed with his 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. Let's just say that the car becomes more than just a means of transportation — it becomes downright violent. But I won't spoil the rest of the plot in case people reading this want to watch it also.

After all these years, my wife still likes to tease and say she’s afraid of the car, and I will jokingly reassure her by saying, "Come on, it was just a movie! The car is safe…. I think.”

— Maine Coastal Cruisers Club Del Lank at the 2023 Saco Car Show