For Local Business Owner, Jewelry Making Strengthens Family Bonds

Amidst the smell of freshly glazed doughnuts, customers browsed through handcrafted goods at the Holy Donut holiday market in December.

Tucked away in a cozy corner stood Megan Alvarez, the proud owner of Marilaine Jewelry.

"Usually my stepdaughter Lulu is here with me," she said proudly—and with a radiant smile she continued telling the story of how her business came to be.

It was during her middle school years that Meg first began crafting jewelry and gifting it to family. Fast forward through life's winding roads to 2020, when Meg found herself at home more often and decided to take an impromptu trip to the craft store for jewelry making supplies.

This one small decision changed the entire course of her life and brought her family even closer.


It wasn't long before Lulu also became entranced by the art of jewelry making. Thus, Marilaine Jewelry came into existence—a venture that wove the family closer in the tranquility of evening crafting sessions after sports practices, piano lessons and school.

Jovani, Lulu's brother, also joined the business with his paracord creations, making survival keychains and bracelets. Megan’s partner and the childrens’ father, Victor, also helps behind the scenes.

In this quaint nook of the Holy Donut, beneath the soft glow of holiday lights, Meg's jewelry wasn't merely an assortment of breathtaking craftsmanship—it was a trove of stories, each piece interlaced with the love and unity of a family brought together by the art of creation.

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