Hospital for Small Mammals Opens in Kennebunk

On October 18th, the Southern Maine Hospital for Small Mammals opened in Kennebunk, becoming the first general practice for exotic companion mammals in Maine.

This dream project is the result of the passion and dedication of Owner Matthew Ford and Practice Manager Amy Ford, who share a deep love for animals and a desire to help small mammals in need. 

Dr. Ford, a graduate of the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine with 17 years of experience in Maine, leads the veterinary care provided at the hospital. 

Amy, who holds a bachelor's degree in Biology from Middlebury College and has over two decades of expertise in recruiting, human resources, and business management, oversees the administrative aspects of the practice.

The hospital is equipped with three exam rooms, similar to any other animal hospital, except that it is tailored to accommodate their smaller patients. The majority of their practice consists of rabbits, which typically weigh no more than 15 pounds and make up around 50 percent of their patient population.


Despite the fact that their patients are on the smaller side, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of services comparable to any other veterinary clinic. From x-ray, ultrasound and an in-house laboratory, to anesthesia and surgeries, they ensure that the small animals receive the best possible care. 

In addition to medical services, the hospital also provides a diverse selection of food options for small mammals. They said it can be challenging to find suitable nutrition-balanced food in regular grocery stores, so they maintain a variety of options for pet owners to choose from at their location.

One of the most significant challenges they face is educating people about the specific medical requirements of small animals. Dr. Ford emphasizes the lack of available resources for proper small animal care, leading to misconceptions and potential harm. 


Something as seemingly minor as diarrhea, for example, can be a severe health indicator for rabbits and oftentimes requires immediate attention. 

Amy Ford underlines the abundance of misinformation surrounding small animal care but highlights the immense joy of owning these creatures, many of whom exhibit high levels of interactivity and intelligence.

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