Mary's Walk: Conor Gets VIP Seat at Local Event

As Mary’s Walk participants made their way down Main Street on foot, little Conor stayed tucked away in his fabric blue wagon, surrounded by a sea of blankets.

Every now and then, he would pull his sunglasses toward the tip of his tiny nose, and with pursed lips and squinted eyes, he’d assess the situation. 

‘So many people,’ he must have thought,’ I have so many questions.’

“We’re happy to be able to take Conor to events like these,” his dad said, smiling at the sight of his son taking in the views of downtown. “You are more than welcome to take a photo.”

With camera in hand, our photographer readied to capture Conor’s curiosity. 

Seeing the camera pointed in his direction, Conor’s interest turned to sheer confusion. With tiny fingers, he feverishly fumbled his glasses back over his eyes, slumped into his bedding and turned his head to the side. 

“He looks like a little movie star who isn’t used to paparazzi,” dad laughed. “I think he might be pretending he’s asleep.”