Notice: In observance of Juneteenth, all SBSI locations will be closed Wednesday, June 19th 2024. Normal business hours will resume Thursday, June 20th 2024.

Other Information

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


When you log in to Online Banking for the first time from any platform, you will have to enroll in 2FA. As part of the enrollment, you will need to provide your email and phone number. You will have to choose your preferred method of receiving the verification code:

  • Text message via a mobile phone (Recommended)
  • Phone call via a landline
  • Verification code through an authenticator app (Authy is our recommended app for this method)

If you set up a new phone number or enter the incorrect number, you can contact (207) 284-4591 for assistance.

Once you enroll, you will not have to re-enroll unless you choose to reset your 2FA.

2FA phone needs to be accessible each time you login unless you opt into the “remember me” functionality. Please note that certain cookies or browser extensions can cause the “remember me” check to fail upon next login. Due to the uniqueness of each end user’s browser setup, there will always be cases where this affects end users, and we cannot prevent it.

Phone call verification

If you select to receive a phone call instead of a text message, you will receive a verification code in the form of an automated call. The automated phone number may be listed as coming from anywhere in the U.S.

  • The automated call provides a single digit for you to enter on the phone
  • The automated call will then provide a six-digit verification code for you to enter on the banking app you are using (Online or Mobile)

If you do not enter the initial digit, the verification code will not be given, nor will it be left on a voicemail system. If you do not answer the automated call, select the re-send option in the app.

Reset 2FA Enrollment

You can reset your own 2FA enrollment in both Online and Mobile Banking by going to the security settings in your profile page. You can also reset your 2FA by contacting our Customer Care Department at (207) 284-4591.

Debit Cards

Balance Inquiry

Starting Friday, February 16th, account balances will be unavailable at the ATM. Your debit card can still be used for purchases or other ATM transactions, however you will be unable to view your account balance. Balance inquiry will be available starting Tuesday, February 20th.

Activation and PIN Changes

Starting January 29th, for any PIN changes or debit card activations made over the phone, you'll be directed to our Customer Care team for assistance. They will be able to make PIN changes or card activations just like to the automatic system currently in place.

Additionally, you can continue to activate cards and change your PIN at the ATM until February 13th. 

  • Please note that this option will be temporarily disabled from February 13th through February 19th.
  • Debit card activation and PIN changes will resume February 20th

(Retail, Community, Business, HSA Cards)

  • Your current SBSI Debit Mastercard® will continue to provide access to your accounts using the same PIN.
  • Your current PIN will work. However, if you would like to reset your PIN you must do so by February 13th, prior to the Upgrade. Please plan accordingly.
  • Following the Upgrade, starting February 20th, PIN changes can be made by calling (207) 284-4591.

Debit Card Fraud Center

Our debit card fraud monitoring system will be Card Fraud Center. Incoming alerts will be from phone number 1-800-237-8990 and incoming texts from short code 96923. We recommend you create a new contact in your phone and label it “SBSI Debit Card Fraud Center” under which you can save both of these numbers so that you will recognize any possible incoming calls.


With the addition of MyCardRules, you now have the ability to set blocks and/or notifications for debit card transactions. 

ACH Origination

There are no changes to the process. However, it is advisable to print out a copy of your templates. You will also have the flexibility to review and approve ACH origination files using your mobile phone, based on your user permissions through Business Online Banking.

ACH Origination

Wire Information


Telebanker can still be accessed at 888-800-4591 beginning on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024. You will also be able to use our current local number at 207-282-7914. Please see below for Telebanker details as our options have changed:

Main Menu Options

Account Balance
Account History
Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
Upcoming Scheduled Transactions
Stop Payments
Debit Card Maintenance6

Telebanker PIN Maintenance

Bank Information

Global Commands

Customer Service0
Go to Main Menu
Go to Help Menu
Return to Previous Menu
Change Account
Voice Recognition
Say “Touch Tone”


Principal only payments will be enabled in both Personal Online Banking and Business Online Banking

Loan statements should arrive at about the same time, and likely even a little sooner for your mortgage and consumer loans.

If you plan to make scheduled payments in advance, these payments will be applied as a principal curtailment, not as a scheduled payment. Future payments will still be due. Please contact SBSI’s Loan Servicing for assistance (207) 284-4591.

Escrow Savings

These are accounts in which money is held in the customer’s name and the bank’s name.  This could be for small project renovations, additional construction loan funds, insurance claim proceeds, etc.  In the new digital banking system, users will not have access to view the balances of escrow savings accounts. To make a balance inquiry on your escrow savings, please call Customer Care at (207)284-4591.

QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint

The banking system upgrade will require that you make changes to your QuickBooks, Quicken or Mint software. Please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth transition.

Upgrade instructions:

Intuit aggregation services may be interrupted for up to 3-5 business days. Users are encouraged to download a QBO file during this outage. The following services may not work during the outage:

  • Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect
  • QuickBooks Online Express Web Connect 
  • Mint

Browsers and Operating Systems

To support the security measures we put in place to keep your data safe, we require the use of a modern browser. As new versions of browsers are released, the Online Banking Digital Platform will deprecate support for older versions. Below are the details for each supported browser.



  • Effective with Online Banking Mobile version 3.6, our iOS app will no longer support iOS versions 16.0 and under.


  • Our mobile applications will not support Android versions 7.0 and under.


Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge will be supported at the latest version only. Online Banking may deny access to older Microsoft Edge versions 60 days after a new version is released.

Google Chrome

  • Chrome should automatically update and major updates are released approximately every 12 weeks. If Chrome is two versions older than the current stable channel version, Online Banking may deny access.
  • How To Install Chrome

Apple Safari

  • Each year Apple typically makes upgrades to Safari during the fall. Approximately 60 days after a new version is released, Online Banking may deny older versions access. However, this change requires that the new Safari version is available on both MacOS and iOS devices.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Firefox should automatically update. If Firefox is two versions older than the current stable channel version, Online Banking may deny it access.