Voice Print

An extra layer of banking security as unique as your fingerprint.

Validate your identity with VoicePrint

Your voice is as unique to you as your fingerprint. That’s why we use VoicePrint voice recognition technology to validate your identity when you call Saco & Biddeford Savings Customer Care. Your VoicePrint contains over 100 different characteristics – like the shape and size of your vocal tract – that represent you and you alone. VoicePrint adds a layer of security for you as well as the Bank. You can feel more secure, and we can verify your identity and help you faster.

Enroll today. Call and speak with a member of our Customer Care department at 207-284-4591 to sign up.

VoicePrint FAQs

What is VoicePrint, and how does it work?

Research shows that a voice is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint. VoicePrint is a voice recognition system that records a voice sample from a live caller, compares it to a previous recording of your voice and determines if there’s a match.

Why sign up for VoicePrint?

Whether you call the Bank to ask about an outstanding check, our current mortgage rates or something else, VoicePrint provides an added layer of security. It also speeds up the authentication process by eliminating the need for PINs, passwords or security questions. All you have to do to verify your identity is say a simple Voice Pass phrase.

Where are voice recordings stored?

Like any sensitive data, VoicePrint recordings are encrypted and stored in a secure database behind a firewall.

Can the system be hacked if someone recorded my voice and pretends to be me?

VoicePrint takes several measures to prevent access to your accounts by a recorded playback of a person’s voice. Multiple levels of technology are able to flag whether the spoken voice coming into the system is recorded or live, or whether speakers have changed.

Can the system be hacked using synthetic speech technology?

Although newer methods of synthetic voice technologies can generate a voice rapidly, they do so at the expense of quality. These artificial voices have robotic tones that can be identified in our system, even when the human ear cannot.

What about an impersonator or identical twins? Could they trick the system?

VoicePrint measures more than 100 characteristics to evaluate someone’s voice and match it against a specific voice pattern. Among them are physical characteristics, like the size and shape of the larynx or nasal cavity, and behavioral characteristics, like the rhythm, pitch and accent of your speech. While behaviors can be easily mimicked, physical voice characteristics cannot. That keeps impersonators or identical twins from tricking the system.

What if I have a cold, a bad connection or background noise?

Normal fluctuations in a person’s voice won’t cause the system to fail. However, if you have an illness that affects your voice or there is a high level of background noise when you call, VoicePrint may not be able to authenticate you. In this case, your Customer Care Representative will use a series of authentication questions to verify your identity.

Am I required to enroll in this voice technology?

No, VoicePrint is an optional service to simplify the verification process. If you opt out or choose not to participate, you'll go through our manual verification process when you call.

Can I change my mind and opt out later?

Yes, you have the option to opt out at any time. Just ask your Customer Care Representative to remove you from this service.

Will Saco & Biddeford Savings use my voice pattern for anything else?

No, the voice pattern is recorded only for the purpose of verifying your identity.

Can the Bank use my voice pattern to identify me at a local branch?

Currently, VoicePrint can only verify your identity through a phone call.