Cyclist Embarks on Mission to Collect Community Food Waste

As a dedicated cyclist and member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee in Saco, Chris Nucci is committed to riding his bicycle almost every day of the year.

For many people, the idea of a bicyclist brings to mind images of a person riding alone, perhaps wearing athletic gear, focused solely on their personal goals. Chris, however, hopes to change that.

On Saturdays, Chris embarks on a mission to collect community food waste as part of the Compost Collection By Bicycle Program in Saco. In coordination with Saco Parks & Rec and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, his incredible initiative seeks to keep food waste out of landfills and foster community engagement.

Chris came up with the idea in the summer of 2021 and shared his vision with Age Friendly Saco, a non-profit organization that aims to provide opportunities for aging citizens and remove barriers that prevent them from remaining in their homes as they age.

As a passionate cyclist and environmentalist, he understands the importance of reducing car trips for food waste disposal. The program encourages the people of Saco to be eco-friendly by providing locals a convenient way to participate in composting without leaving their homes.

“Being part of this program brings a sense of fulfillment as it not only contributes to the Saco community but also to the world as a whole in reducing waste and promoting sustainability,” he said. 


Similar to a garbage and recycling pick-up service, the program provides participants with a countertop bucket or allows them to use their own 5-gallon bucket, which they place at the end of their driveway every Saturday. 

Garbage to Garden, a waste management service based out of Portland, then collects the buckets and composts the contents for local gardening purposes.

“By keeping food waste out of landfills, we can significantly reduce methane emissions,” said Chris. “Expanding the volunteer base and increasing the participation rate will inspire others to start composting as well.”

In the future, Chris hopes to see composting efforts become a city-wide practice and for pick-up services to become the norm.

For more information on volunteering or utilizing the program's resources, contact the Saco Parks and Rec department at (207) 283-3139 x 807 or email