Local Gym Puts Focus on Community Engagement

Meet Tyler Langill, the Operations Manager at Functional 45 (F45) Training! 

With locations in Westbrook and Brunswick, F45 Training combines three fitness training styles into one 45-minute functional training class: high-intensity interval training, circuit training and group training. 
Beyond exercise, Tyler's leadership focuses on community engagement and involvement. 

Under his guidance, the gym offers free outdoor classes, makes generous donations to local organizations and nonprofits and addresses various community needs. 

"We aim to serve as a conduit for members and businesses in our communities who are considering hosting events or seeking to raise funds for meaningful causes," he stated. 

"Our goal is to provide a platform where they can confidently seek assistance and actively involve us in their endeavors, while simultaneously fostering the growth of our community both in and out of the gyms."

Additionally, Tyler ensures the gym's presence at local events by setting up information tables at the Westbrook Community Center.

With F45 acting as a reliable resource for the community, Tyler aims to provide assistance and active involvement in their endeavors while continuously working towards building a stronger community around them.

Interested in learning more about F45 Training? Visit their website at: https://f45training.com/westbrookcrossing