Local Landscaping Business Boasts Beautiful Flowers at Saco Farmer's Market

“This is our 24th season here at the Saco Farmers Market. As a local landscape, garden and design company, we focus a lot of our efforts on building, installing and maintaining perennial gardens throughout the week.

We bring a variety of seasonal items to market: Early spring patio pots to seedlings, fresh cut flower arrangements, perennials for sale and garden art of all types. I have a background in art, so garden design and flower arrangement fit well into my interests.

I first started building my own gardens after having my two kids, but my mother had a couple of flower gardens through the years as well. Unfortunately, mom was diagnosed with Dementia.

That was hard because she had always been such an avid gardener and was so good at taking care of her flowers. Doing this work sort of became a tribute to her. It feels good to continue her passion for planting.

I feel lucky to do this for a living, and luckily the people who work with me love it too. They have a great interest in biology and they love tending to the flowers. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and happy to be here sharing my love of flowers with the community.” — Linda Ferguson, Owner and Operator of A Highlander’s Garden

Visit Linda at the Saco Farmers Market any Saturday between now and October to take home some beautiful cut flowers that have been nurtured with love and care!