Mainer Sheds Light on Unsolved Cases in "Dark Downeast" Podcast

On the surface, "Dark Downeast" is a podcast that delves into both historical and contemporary true crime cases in Maine and New England. From unsolved homicides to mysterious disappearances, the show covers a wide variety of dark stories.

But at its core, host Kylie Low says her podcast is so much more than just an entertainment platform that revisits old crimes. With a foundation rooted in investigative journalism, the podcast seeks to honor the legacies of the individuals at the center of each case through thoughtful and honest storytelling.

Through ethical true crime storytelling, Dark Downeast strives to shed light on unsolved cases, ensuring that those who have not received justice are not forgotten.

Kylie Low, a Maine native and the granddaughter of a lobster fisherman, has always had a passion for storytelling. Her journalism degree from the University of Maine provided her with the tools she needed to embark on this meaningful mission.

Some of the cases Kylie chooses to explore date back several decades. She devotes countless hours to research and writing for each episode, pouring her heart and soul into telling their stories wholly and truthfully.

Kylie meticulously sifts through newspaper and media archives in an effort to gather factual information. If they are willing, she conducts interviews with surviving friends and family members, as well as detectives and other sources familiar with the case. 

By prioritizing the victims, Kylie works to paint a vivid picture of their lives before tragedy struck. Their passions, their impact on the community, and the lasting legacy they left behind are all crucial elements of the narrative that unfolds.

The ultimate goal of Dark Downeast is to truthfully and comprehensively tell each victim's story, ensuring it receives the attention and compassion it deserves. Kylie hopes that every episode will have a positive impact, potentially leading to progress in solving these mysteries.

At the conclusion of every episode, Kylie humbly expresses her gratitude: "Thank you for allowing me to do what I do." She recognizes that these stories belong to the victims and their loved ones. She doesn’t take lightly the role she plays telling their stories and handles them with care and immense respect.

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Photo Credit: Hanna Hickey Photography