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SBSI Employee Headed to Vegas for Pool Championships

Amidst the gentle glow of dim lights surrounding the billiard table, the resounding clack of balls colliding fills the air. Conversations flow and laughter resonates. Players remain steadfast and  focused, channeling their unwavering determination into each and every shot.

Danyel Easley serves as a Retail Loan Processor at Saco & Biddeford Savings during the day, but in her free time, you can find her playing pool.

Every week, she plays in a league and also takes part in mini tournaments organized by American PoolPlayers Association (APA) throughout the year.

These tournaments feature different formats such as singles, doubles, and random teams. In a singles tournament, Danyel performed exceptionally well and qualified for Regionals. 

Out of 67 participants with the same skill level, she was one of three that were selected to go to Vegas to compete in the championships.

Although Danyel started playing pool casually when she turned 21, it was only two or three years ago that she began taking it seriously. She realized that putting in the effort, practicing drills, and repeating shots over and over yields visible results and a sense of accomplishment, which motivates her to continue improving.

Initially, Danyel joined a team just for fun when her roommate needed an additional player. But three years ago, she decided to focus on enhancing her skills. She approached it like any other sport, practicing relentlessly until she consistently achieved a high success rate, similar to batting practice.

In May, Danyel will be heading to Vegas for the championships. As a finalist in her bracket, she will have the opportunity to compete against players of the same skill level and play for money and a coveted trophy. 

Danyel encourages anyone with an interest in pool to join a team. Interested individuals can visit the APA website, which provides a link to connect with a league operator who can assist in finding a team.