TA Graduate to Attend Boston University Tanglewood Summer Institute

This summer, we asked for your help in raising money so Thornton Academy graduate Madeline Darigan could attend the Tanglewood Institute Young Artist Vocal Program through Boston University. With your support, we were able to raise $450 to go toward the cost of tuition!

The six-week program, which took place from July 4 to August 13, encourages the development of gifted young singers who wish to pursue professional studies and performance. While there, Madeline said she studied Classical/Operatic singing. Not only did she take individual lessons and coaching for vocal performance, but she also learned music history, theory, diction and more. 

Madeline said that one of the most unique aspects of attending the Tanglewood Institute was its partnership with the symphony. She and her friends would go to the concerts on the lawn almost every night. 

To hear so many live performances and to be exposed to so many new works and musical professionals, she said, was an amazing experience that only amplified her love of music.

“Before attending Tanglewood, I had to balance my love of music with the importance of school work,” she explained. “Being able to dedicate myself only to music made me realize what I am truly capable of, and what my progress can look like when I put my whole self into it.”

For Madeline, it only feels like she is just beginning to jump in and explore all the possibilities of what a career in music could look like. By the end of the year, she explained, she hopes to have a better understanding of what she wants to be as an artist.

I feel like I’ve been able to explore the world of music and have a strong basis of educational knowledge in all aspects of music, which excites me,” she said. “And more than anything, I’m so thankful to everyone for the support.”

On August 7, Madeline began her conservatory and moved into taking her classes on  September 6. 

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