Travel Planning 101: What to Know Before You Go

We want to accommodate the needs of our traveling customers as well as those ordering items online. However, in order to protect our customers from fraud and identity theft, we restrict debit card access for higher risk transactions.

If you are planning any travel (domestically or internationally), or if you are placing an order online or by phone from a merchant outside of the United States, please contact your local branch so that we can enable your card to be used for those purchases.

Enroll in online banking:

Online Banking makes it easy to track your spending, make transfers and view your balance while traveling.

Bring multiple credit cards:

In case one card is lost or stolen, it is a good idea to bring at least 2 options for making payments. Keep these in a safe place, separated from one another.

Inform your credit card company of your trip:

Credit card companies often monitor your purchases for fraud. A transaction in a foreign country or distant state may cause your card to be declined or temporarily disabled. Informing your card company of your trip will let them know you are making legitimate transactions.

If traveling abroad, get foreign currency before you leave:

Rather than scrambling for a currency exchange in your destination country, contact one of our branches to convert your American dollars into foreign currency before you leave. You will be ready to go as soon as you land! Please place all orders for foreign currency at least 2 days in advance. Some fees apply. Please contact your local branch for details.

Bring photocopies of your important documents and credit/debit cards:

Copies of your credit/debit cards, passport, and other travel documents can be very useful in case of a lost or stolen item. Keeping track of your credit/debit card numbers can help customer services resolve any issues quickly. 

When traveling abroad, backups of your identification and travel documents can help your embassy get your trip back on track if the originals are lost or stolen. Be safe!

Please visit our Banking Resources page for more information: