Wayne Johnson Celebrating 10 Years at SBSI

Wayne Johnson, Loan Officer at Saco & Biddeford Savings Bank, recently celebrated his 10-year work anniversary!

“I started working at SBSI as a Loan Officer and now I am an Assistant Vice President Loan Officer. Initially, I worked at the Westbrook branch and later moved to the Scarborough branch, where I currently work.

Despite the bank's operating hours, I provide customer service beyond those times, answering calls in the evenings, mornings, and weekends. This commitment to customer service has been well-received and appreciated by our clients.

What I find most rewarding about working at SBSI is the uniqueness of each deal. Every customer has a different story and situation, whether they are buying a home or refinancing. 

Some may be refinancing to pay for their child's college expenses or to move money around for retirement. It's not a repetitive, cookie-cutter experience. While we provide mortgage products, it's the opportunity to get to know our customers that I find truly special.

In my free time, I prioritize spending time with my family. Golf is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy and try to play as much as possible. Staying active and being with my wife and kids are important to me, especially now that my oldest child is a sophomore in college. 

As they grow up and move away, it reminds me of the value of family. It's a realization that hits you when you drop them off at college. I cherish moments when we can all come together and have a weekend with friends and family.”